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Eric Kahn Gale and Chris Allen leave Matt for LA, and matt is a sad puppy not wanting them to leave.

More proof that Matt has always been adorable.

An oldie, but a goodie!

An oldie, but a goodie!

Back from the “Harder They Fall” days…

Back from the “Harder They Fall” days…


if you haven’t watched this, you really should. 

shirtless matt lang talking about his asshole being full of toots and then being the most adorable precious baby plus bonus adorable eric kahn gale and chris allen. yes.

Seriously. Watch it.

If, for some reason, you weren’t sure that Nick Lang could make your heart ache, then watch this.

Remember when Chris Allen tweeted this:

@FunkWalk is about to make your cry out in silly-overdrive, geeeetttt ready! T-minus 1 hour!

And forgot to mention the adorable Nick Lang in the middle of his picture??

It’s of rehearsal, but for those who don’t want any spoilers, I’m still keeping it under a read more

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If we see Matt with a snake, maybe we should all be a little afraid…


So I only spent one day at LeakyCon, and it was the craziest day so I didn’t have many run-ins with Starkid. But I did manage to snap a photo with Chris, Matt, and Liam! Chris and I had fun with ours, I totally cheesed next to the genius and adorableness that is Matt, and Liam was… drunk being goofy.

Matt Lang was looking really good at Leaky, yes?

Lets all take a look at this again and remember how adorable Matt can be

Matt looks good in glasses.

Matt looks good in glasses.

"The Harder They Fall" - Eric Kahn Gale’s first project, starring Nick Lang and Chris Allen. (and featuring Brian Holden!)

(Note: It was also written & edited by Nick, Matt, and Eric)

Posting Chris Allen’s new short, “OMG” because Nick Lang has producer credit.

(Note: No Lang appears in the film)

"Night Call" - an Eric Kahn Gale film starring Chris Allen and Nick Lang. (And assistant directed by Matt Lang)