You have 11 more hours to enter our Apocalyptour Giveaway!

Today’s the last day! We’ve reached 1,000 notes, so all of the prizes will be awarded! Good job, guys :)

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More than 500 Notes on the APOCALYPTOUR GIVEAWAY Post!!

I’m actually surprised we already have this many notes, but we have officially passed the 500 note mark! This means we’ve added another prize to the final giveaway! Keep this up, and before long we’ll pass 1000 notes and I’ll have to start adding even MORE prizes to the giveaway!

Remember, you can reblog, ‘like’, and tweet for chances to win!

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We’ve Almost Reached 500 Notes for our STARKID APOCALYPTOUR GIVEAWAY!

That means pretty soon we’ll have 3 prizes to give away! Keep this pace up, and next week we’ll be getting ready to give away the autographed poster!

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We’ve reached 300 notes on the Apocalyptour Giveaway post!!

Keep reblogging for more chances at more prizes!

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As promised, we here at Matt and Nick Lang Fans have some Apocalyptour goodies to give away to our loyal followers! This contest begins today, June 3, and ends June 23


- Since this is a contest to reward our followers, you must be following us.

- 9 reblogs (as “text” preferred) + 1 like allowed per person

- If you’re one of our lovely Twitter followers, tweet this for an extra entry:

I’m following @MNLangFans for a chance to win #Apocalyptour goodies! #MNLangFans

(you may tweet this once a day, up to 10 times total)

- Your message/ask box must be open so we can message you if you win


Prizes will be added to the final drawing based upon how many notes this post gets, with a possible total of 5 winners/prizes:

- 2 Apocalyptour/Starkid buttons (100 or fewer notes)

- 1 Apocalyptour wristband (300+ notes)

- 1 Apocalyptour poster (500+ notes)

- 1 Apocalyptour program (700+ notes)

- 1 autographed poster (signed by Walker, Rosenthal, Holden, Lopez, Saunders, Povolo, Richter, Stepien, Beatty) (1,000+ notes)

And who knows: if we surpass 1,000 notes, we might just be persuaded to add more prizes! ;)

We’ve surpassed 100 followers!

Thank you all SO much for following! It’s wonderful to see so many fellow fans of the Lang brothers! In return, I promise to continue to provide you with a daily dose of these guys:

Hey! Here’s a BONUS: If we can get to 250 followers on Tumblr and 150 on our twitter by May 25th, then we will have an APOCALYPTOUR goodie giveaway!

So spread the word and follow the twitter!