Confessed by: Anonymous

Pretty sure this is truth


Confessed by: Anonymous

Pretty sure this is truth

Matt Lang with Friends

Pre-AVPM2 Madness


The Thursday before my 4th Lang brother production starts is upon us. I am lying bed eating yogurt, almonds, and blackberries and sipping black coffee. This will probs be one of the last moments of peace before the storm.

I got an email from Bonbon last night saying that we would not be working 12 hour days like before, but “bring a water bottle and get ready for some fun!” ohlordlol. translation: “bring a water bottle and get ready for to sleep over in the WALGREEN FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS.”

I have done a Lang brother show every one of my years in college. Rule of thumb? You don’t get to bed before 2. There will be cardboard props. Matt will eat Panda at every rehearsal. Lauren will roll around on the floor. Darren will peace randomly for four hours because he has to play a set at Sava’s. Jaime will wear my clothes and I hers. Joe will give me crazy eyes. Scratch that. Joe has crazy eyes. There will be puppets. There will be wide spread panic the day before the show. Then, the show will happen and it will be brilliant.

Breathe in. Breathe out. I’m ready to goooooo!


This will never not be funny!

Friendly reminder that Nick Lang once played Gollum. Too awesome.

starkid challenge | 6 videos

“Message de la Team Starkid aux fans de France !”

They all look really adorable here, but I have to say: Matt and Nick just look the most adorable. :)


Favorite friendships: Nick Lang & Jaime Lyn Beatty

Oh this is a beautiful friendship!

What is the number that comes after three?

Gollum - an oldie, but a goodie!

Gotta love seeing the Langs hanging out together! :)

Also, not to freak out or anything, but last time I went to D&B, I got the Batman Matt Lang is holding.


My favorite “Starkid” related pictures of Matt - him and Jamie or him as Goofy in the Goofy movie since I have so few of him actually performing

Love these photos!

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StarKid Superlatives » Best Legs

Male: Nick Lang (33 votes)

Female: Jaime Lyn Beatty (21 votes)


Nick Lang is winning.

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