Yes…these are the people I have chosen to love.

So Nick Lang was next to me while I perused the merch at the Starkid shows last week:
Me: Oooh, mason jars!
Nick: Yeah, you can buy one and take it to the bar and they'll fill it up with any drink you want.
Me: Well, I'm not 21 yet, so...
Nick: You could fill it up with juice.
Nick: Some nice cranberry juice.
Me: Cranberry juice?
Nick: Yeah. It takes a very mature palate to appreciate a nice cranberry juice.
Me: Really.
Nick: I didn't like cranberry juice until I was about 12, so.
Me: [laughing] Okay, thanks for the tip!
Nick: No problem. [smiles and walk away]
Me: ...???????????


Met a few of the StarKids tonight!

Great pictures with several of them - including Nick!



I see a Nick Lang among those people ;)

A valid argument.

A valid argument.

Thanks for sharing your pics, !

[Nick] Lang says there’s a chance they’ll go back and revise Starship once [Darren] Criss, who wrote the show’s music, has more time in his schedule after “Glee” concludes.

Source (via fallenjunkie)

Nick Lang rating this summer’s StarKid shows

Can’t tell if dancing or triumphant

Can’t tell if dancing or triumphant

Teia Smith designs great StarKid merch, is one of the creative geniuses behind Quicksand Jack, and is an awesome part of Matt and Nick’s family. Let’s support her by “liking” her pic :)

You guys are the best


You guys are the best