Question #5:
LostTribe asked: How did you learn to draw so well? (naturally gifted, a class, lots of practice, etc)?
Nick Lang: I taught myself. I also taught myself to Etch-A-Sketch
Question #4
BillthePony asked: Did you mean it when you said Starkid might end after this year?
Nick Lang: [Laughs] Sometimes we make jokes and people don’t take them that way
Question #3
oddment-tweak asked: Why didn’t Robin’s “holy catchphrase, Batman!” make it into the script?
Nick Lang: It's hard to do a parody of a parody
Question #2
papermachecreation asked: You said in Alex Carpenter’s HMB video that you think everyone hates you… has that perception changed since playing Robin? (a role that everyone loves!)
Nick Lang: My problem is I only focuson the negative so… [sees the look on my face] but its okay! That’s how you get better, right?
Question #1
Livy asked: As he co-wrote the script, did he write Robin with himself in mind, knowing he was going to audition?
Nick Lang: We kind of had a cast list in mind as we were writing the script, so I had an idea that I’d be Robin. I know a lot of people wanted Lauren as Robin, but we didn’t want to do Draco again, because they’re both tiny British boys.